A new voice for sufferers of FND and ME

Today, International ME Awareness Day, we launch FiND ME. We’re a new project about Functional Neurological Disorder and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, illnesses which affect over 250,000 people in the United Kingdom.

We will raise awareness of these illnesses and funds for biomedical research. In the summer we’ll launch our first major awareness and fundraising campaign.

FiND ME was founded by Andy who, when diagonsed with FND and ME, was given very little information by his immediate medical advisors (GP & neurologist) and realised that very few people knew anything about the condition.

He decided to help other sufferers by giving the general public more information about the diseases in a fresh new way. After a year of research and consultations with the NHS, FiND ME is ready to start raising awareness of the disease that Stan Collymore recently spoke about in comparison to cancer and HIV.

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