There are many debilitating illnesses affecting millions of people. We need to put a stop to this but we can only do this with YOUR help!

Start fundraising to raise awareness now!

Fundraising ideas

Heres a list of great fundraising ideas to get you started but don’t be afraid to come up with your own and “think outside the box”!

  • Organise a Walkathon to invite people from all walks of life to walk for FiND ME and show support
  • Trivia Night Fundraiser is another fantastic idea to gather people and raise funds
  • Organise a Golf day or tournament to raise awareness and funds for FiND ME
  • Create a fundraising dog show
  • Hold a charity carwash
  • Hold a charity dance/ball/disco
  • Go busking
  • Start a charity auction
  • Start a charity car auction
  • Hold book fairs
  • Silent Auction
  • Organize a wine tasting evening

Help and advice on fundraising

What, where, when

The first thing to decide on is what type of fundraiser you will do then where it will be and when.


When deciding on a type you should take into consideration your donors’ interests, hobbies, values, charitable giving, and volunteering habits.

Select a target audience by using Age group, location, occupation, and family status.

To allow yourself enough time to plan the event use the 100 – 2 rule:  for every 100 guests allow 2 months planning. So if you have a guest list of 300 people then  plan your event at least 6 months in advance.


Set a goal/amount that you would like to raise and keep track as tickets are sold/donations come in.

Set a budget for your fundraiser that  will cover any essential costs of putting on the event.

If booking a venue then pay attention to the venue cost and remember that weekends are sually more expensive than weekdays.

Make sure your fundraiser does not conflict with any major events

Regulations compliance

If you’re serving or selling food at your fundraising event, you may need to check with your local health department to make sure you’re in compliance with any and all regulations. Also remember to check if you require an alchol license or tempory gambling license if you are planning on selling alcahol or raffle tickets etc.


If your fundraiser is an event then why not get your mates involved as teamwork will make any event run smoother.

Direct marketing

You can use direct marketing such as mail, print ads, word of mouth or flyers to let people know about your event.

Online marketing

Dependin on your event, you may find online marketing more usefull such as a crowd funding page, social media or event websites.


Make sure you start selling tickets early and don’t be afraid to sell to groups and offer a group discount.


Don’t forget to arrange a clean up crew for after your fundraiser and then enjoy all your hard work!


Pay in your money

When you have completed your fundraiser event or activity simply contact us to arrange your payment via cheque/bank transfer or donate application.