Press Kit

The story of FiND ME

FiND ME was founded by Andy Bristow after becoming seriously ill in 2015.

Andy is now on the road to recovery but as he was misdiagnosed with multiple different illnesses and could have healed much quicker had he been correctly treated sooner he decided to help other patients by bringing information on these debilitating diseases all together in one place.

Our Vision

Change the perception of invisible illnesses and help patients to get the right treatment by giving them relevant information for their illness.

Our Mission

We are helping people to understand different commonly misdiagnosed illnesses and the impact it has on sufferers.

Who runs FiND ME

The organisation is run by volunteers and sufferers of illnesses featured on this website.

Contact our social media and networking specialist Lewis at:


FiND ME was launched on 12th May 2017 to coincide with the international ME awareness day.

FiND ME Logos

When using the logo files supplied below please ensure that you:

  • Do not distort our logo in any way
  • Do not rotate the logo – our logo must always appear horizontally
  • Do not embed the logo in text or sentences
  • Do not use as a large background or pattern


The size of the logo must be:

  • No smaller than 22mm across its length or 70 px across
  • The logo should still be legible and not be distorted
  • If being used on promotional material its size should be consistent with other logos
  • Allow for ‘safe space’ and adequate size.


The name must always be produced in all capitals but with a lower case i:

  • FiND ME

The logo font is Arial rounded.

The logo colour is #2c3b96 rgb (44, 59, 150)

Download FiND ME logo here.

Download FiND ME logo here.

Download FiND ME logo here.


Please direct your inquiries to our contact form.