About Us

FiND ME was founded by Andy Bristow after becoming seriously ill in 2015.

After years of inconclusive tests and misdiagnosis he resorted to relentless research in order to understand why he was so ill and how he could get better.

His efforts paid off when he stumbled across a disease which the NHS hadn’t considered but matched his symptoms perfectly. He then proceeded to get private blood tests which came back positive and is now being treated for late stage Lyme Disease.

Andy is now on the road to recovery but as he was misdiagnosed with multiple different illnesses before and could have healed much quicker had he been treated sooner he decided to help enlighten the public by bringing information on these debilitating diseases together all in one place.

Andy joined forces with his friend and former colleague Lewis Henshall to help develop the project.  You can find Lewis on Twitter.

FiND ME is now run by a group of trustees including Andy and Lewis whose aim is to provide information and awareness of commonly misdiagnosed diseases.

Our Vision

Change the perception of invisible illnesses and help patients to get the right treatment by giving them relevant information for their illness.

Our Mission

We are helping people to understand different commonly misdiagnosed illnesses and the impact it has on sufferers.

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We love getting feedback! If you have suggestions, tips or a thank-you feel free to drop us a line.