Get help with hard to diagnose diseases

We are FiND ME

A non profit organisation raising awareness of diseases that are difficult to diagnose.

FiND ME a way
to understand

Learn all about different illnesses that have similar symptoms.

FiND ME a way
to get involved

You can get involved in many ways from helping us raise awareness to fundraising

FiND ME the illness

Learn about different diseases and tell your family and friends vital information they should be aware of

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What we’re doing

Everyday we are helping people to understand the difference between many commonly misdiagnosed diseases. This information could then help their health provider to treat their patients more effectively.

Understand how debilitating each disease is

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FiND ME a way to help

Fundraising ideas

A list of great fundraising ideas.

Help and advice on fundraising

Advice on planning a fundraising event.

Fundraising materials

A selection of free tools including invites, planners and posters.

You can find all this information and more here.

Latest News

You can find all the latest news here.